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Jennifer’s flyingcolours offers a broad range of customized art instruction. From school workshops to children’s birthday parties to adult events to art therapy sessions, participants – including those with no previous experience – enjoy working with professional materials as they are guided by detailed, hands-on instruction from a patient, kind teacher. A flyingcolours workshop always results in beautiful paintings and a great sense of accomplishment.

Flyingcolours programs cover a wide range of topics and techniques, including the watercolour medium and materials, including pigments; working with acrylics; composition and the painting method; and specific techniques including how to hold a brush, loading a brush with paint, how water and paint interact and more.

The watercolour medium’s free-flowing nature allows for a completely open, creative process. People experience the magic of making art and seeing their painting unfold before their eyes.



Jennifer Nicol is a professional artist, mother, and active community volunteer. Art is both her vocation and passion as she has developed a number of unique programs to share her love of art across the Ottawa area. An accomplished watercolour artist, she shares her love of painting with people of all ages, but has a particular gift for teaching children.

Some Highlights Include:

  • Teaching watercolour painting to students in elementary schools across the region for over a decade. She works with a range of grade levels and can tailor the classes to incorporate various curriculum links.
  • Leading painting workshops at children’s birthday parties.
  • Creating and running the very popular “Wine, Cheese & Watercolours” adult workshop. It can be a night out with friends, a charitable fundraiser or a team-building activity for work colleagues. Part relaxation, part education and 100% fun, these events can be customized to suit a particular theme or occasion.
  • Developed and delivered an art program for the Aphasia Centre of Ottawa, an organization that supports people who have had strokes.
  • Establishing and facilitating the “Smiling Siblings Watercolour Workshop” which brings together brothers and sisters of children with cancer. In the workshops, Jennifer walks the participants through composition to completion with each participant expressing themselves with colour. It is a wonderful, creative escape from the sadness they are experiencing. The children call it the "ooo la la class."
  • Collaborating with community groups on unique projects such as vibrant road murals and paintings of Ottawa landmarks which were given as gifts to clients of Ottawa Tourism.
  • Creating one-of-a-kind custom artwork on commission.

Jennifer loves teaching watercolour in particular because it is such a flexible medium and offers budding artists of all ages the chance to experience the joy of making beautiful paintings and learning more about the creative process. With each workshop that she leads, all participants gain a wonderful sense of accomplishment and feel extremely proud when they see their completed works of art.

Jennifer is eager to hear from you to find out how she can help make your artistic dreams a reality.


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