Jennifer Flying Colours


Have you ever wanted a piece of art that is a perfect reflection of your style, your taste or a cherished memory? Jennifer loves working with you to create a painting that captures your wishes, professionally and permanently.


Jennifer’s commissioned works have included a 100 piece canvas mural for Ottawa Tourism and a large road mural outside Elmdale Public School which was a community ‘paint by numbers’ traffic calming project. She has done many boudoir paintings, both as gifts or private mementoes; these are done tastefully and respectfully. In addition, Jennifer has done numerous family portraits, portraits of sports teams, paintings of cherished homes during different seasons, personalized holiday cards and more.


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Please contact me today to let me know in which services you are interested and I will reply as soon as I can with details on my processes and pricing. If you prefer, I am glad to arrange a short meeting to discuss how I can help you. Please give me a minimum of 24 hours to reply to your inquiry and thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I look forward to the possibility of creating something beautiful together.


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